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Are you ready to embark on the newest adventure in the Ragnarok universe? Let me introduce Origin World, our incredible adaptation of Ragnarok Origin that will immerse you in an epic experience!

We know how much the complexity and nuances of Ragnarok make it special. At Origin World, we transform complexity into an accessible and exciting world without losing our roots.

We want you to enjoy every second of your hassle-free journey, so we strive to ensure that your time is always well spent and respected. Check out the top 10 highlights that make Origin World the perfect setting for your next adventure!

  1. Catnips: You don't have to worry about paid resources! All our events offer Diamonds or Catnips so you can regularly upgrade your characters without the need for investment.
  2. Customization: Who doesn't love customizing their character, right? For you, who love to stand out, we make premium skins accessible for free. So even the thriftiest adventurers can have a unique look.
  3. Premium: Kafra VIP membership is available for free in the Co-op Store for those selfless heroes who help other players. Let's grow an amazing community together!
  4. Long-term support: Our NA server has been active for almost 3 years.
  5. Community: We've worked to create guild systems that encourage stronger bonds by limiting size to 50 players, rather than Global's 180. This approach ensures that each guild is like a family, promoting meaningful interactions between members and preventing larger guilds from dominating smaller ones through the sheer power of numbers.
  6. Competition: Looking for a competition that makes your heart beat? Thanks to several quality of life changes that balance the scales between paying and non-paying players, Origin World provides electrifying PvP, ready to provide fair and adrenaline-filled battles!
  7. Stability: Say goodbye to bugs and rollbacks! Our international version of Origin World has been online since 2021, with monthly updates and no instability issues. We welcome you to the smoothest and safest adventure of Ragnarok Origin!
  8. Trust: Our administrators don't sell resources, accounts, or items behind our players' backs, with no favoritism or shady deals.
  9. Activities: Our team of GMs is always online hosting events and answering questions to ensure you have a fun and safe experience. After all, our mission is for you to enjoy every moment in Origin World.
  10. Support: Have any questions or problems? Our team is always ready to help, with 24/7 support.

Come be part of the most epic adventure of your life with Ragnarok Origin World! We look forward to welcoming you to our world of fantasy and excitement. Stay tuned for all our news through Discord or our official announcements here on the forum.


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